From this person:

  • Guy in the Ana group picture is not Liao
  • We’ll find out how Torb lost his arm soon.
  • Mercy is not an immortal vampire
  • Ana chose to not to utilize a cybernetic eye, instead relearning to snipe with her left eye. 
  • Ana is able to heal allies via chemical reaction. Overwatch agents are pre-injected with an antivenom that protects them from her damage.

    She passively swaps between healing and venom darts. 

  • Animated shorts will tell the Overwatch story. There will be many more. 
  • Think of the game as action figures and you’re paying with them. The story is outside of gameplay. 
  • How to you choose hero concepts? Answer: Whatever inspires us. No standard model. 
  • Question: Who is Pharah’s father?  
    Answer: Blizzard will reveal when there’s an opportunity. 
  • Q: What characters are inspired by other games.  A: Lucio is a bard.
  • Q: Do you have an concepts you can reveal to us? A: We have lots, can’t reveal any right now. 
  • Q: Will there be an character that can go invisible any time? A: They didn’t answer 
  • Q: Weapon skins? A: Maybe?

  • Q: Canadian character anytime soon? A: SOON!!!

  • Q: New Blackwatch character soon? A: Eventually