I wonder what the devs think of McCree/Hanzo

They probably look at the mountains of story and all their plans, which is void of any interaction between the two, and go: “What the fuck? How did you get here? We didn’t drive you here. We didn’t give you a map. There isn’t even a road leading from Hanzo to Mccree. No voice-lines, no lore, nothing.”

And the fandom just stands there at the end of a fucked up makeshift hiking trail, armed with only a single shoe and a pair of pants. They’re nailing a sign into the ground. McHanzo, it says.

The devs say, “That isn’t even a stop on this tour. You can’t just make up stops like that.”

The fandom does not care. Soon, they have built a small civilization. They analyze the meta. “It’s possible,” they say, “To get here based on these in-universe principles. With their backgrounds, they may have known each other.” There are archives. Art galleries. Civilization.

“Stop it.” the devs say, “Get back in the goddamn car.”

The fandom says “Not until they kiss.”

The devs slam their faces into the car horn continuously for the next six hours.

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