I sat at the campus gym for like, half an hour whittling its prestige down so I could take it over, then just as I did, some random red dude sniped it from under me. So I healed up and cleared him out of there with a sound beating, but before I could get anyone in the gym, his buddy stuck a pokemon in there. It took some careful timing, but I eventually managed to stick a random flareon in there (I have so many flareon, guys. It’s a problem. I just want a jolteon or vaporeon. Either one would do. Just not another flareon, please)

So naturally, the guy starts fighting the flareon to take it out, but this time, I was ready. As soon as he wiped out the flareon and the gym turned grey, I struck. I stuck another flareon with the same nickname and nearly the same cp in there.

Cue “WTF is this piece of shit glitchy game doing?” reaction from the guy. "I beat it, why is that thing still there?“ Meanwhile, I healed up my first flareon, so when he tried again, I just stuck it back in the gym. After a few times, the timing got really easy. He beats flareon, I stick the other in, heal while he’s fighting, rinse and repeat.

I was just gonna let it go after a few repetitions, but then his buddy said “Maybe it’s that girl over there doing it?” and he replied “No, can’t be, girls suck at Pokemon.”

Bitch, it is on.

I kept it up for half an hour until he ran out of healing items and had to storm away frustrated that he couldn’t seem to capture this “glitchy” gym.

You wanna be a gym sniping asshole? Fine, I’ve got better things to do. You want to be a sexist dudebro asshole? I will destroy you and everything you love.