Whoever writes Team Rocket-style mottos for the Pokemon Go teams earns my undying gratitude.

To ignite the flame where true strength grows
To conquer the skies and the seas below
To radiate power from deep within
To finish the fight and expect to win,
(Names of party here)
Team VALOR stands tall, our courage shines through,
Surrender now or prepare to lose!

To illuminate the dark with harsh light
To channel our instincts and win the fight
To recognise and fulfil our inner desires
To start off strong and never fall to mire
(Names of party)
Team INSTINCT shines bright, our intuition reigns true
Surrender now or we’ll show you!

To discover the strength in the big and small
To learn all we can to catch them all
To fight back with knowledge against ignorance
To use our research as deliverance
(Names of party)
Team MYSTIC learns all; our knowledge is might
Surrender now or prepare to fight!