GOOGLE DOCS COMMISSION POST < this has more detail on what I will and won’t draw and some more info on the commission process! It also has the prices in other currencies.


Heya all! commissions are officially OPEN again, this time with a new style, flat colours!

If you are interested in a commission please contact me at

** NOTE ** Since the pound crash it’s now cheaper than ever for people in the USA, EU etc. to order from me! 😀

About the Main-list and Waitlist.

The main list is the commissions I am currently working on, the waitlist is for people who want a commission but have to wait till a space clears up on the main list, when you are on the waitlist you do not have to send payment or commission details. When space clears up on the main list I will email/message you to let you know you have been moved to the main list and that is when I am ready for payment and refs. 


Style 1 Examples

Style 2 Examples 

Style 3 Examples 

Style 4


Style 5


Style 6


I’d really appreciate if people could spread this around and recommend me. If you don’t want a commission but wanna help out it’d great if you could reblog this post <3 

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Even though the slots are full the Waitlist is always open so feel free to hop on!