I can’t stop thinking about the world where Soldier: 76 and Reaper have an intense 1v1 that reaches a sort of stalemate with them both training their weapons on the other

and Reaper decides now is the time to shock Jack and reveal his true identity, perhaps gaining the upper hand

and Soldier: 76 sees it’s his old friend who took everything from him out of spite and almost killed him

and he just doesn’t react beyond a blank “so you survived, Reyes.”

Reaper tries to keep his surprise hidden, keep his cocky asshole smirk up but he’s so goddamn invested in hating Jack Morrison that he can’t help but be fucked up by 76′s uncaring tone, and probably just says something sarcastic about not quite having survived as such

but 76 just keeps his gun pointed at Reaper’s head after learning his identity, finger just as tight on the trigger as before and it makes Reaper so angry that his obsessive hatred isn’t requited

I can see him losing his shit, dropping his weapons and tackling 76 to the ground, taking him by surprise but slowly losing the upper hand because goddamn if 76 isn’t in his element in fistfights, ending with 76 pinning Reaper down, swiftly aiming his rifle and Reaper just dissipating into smoke as a shot lands where his head would’ve been

I want Reaper just choosing then and there to disengage and stew in his unending fury that Jack actually just tried to fucking kill him?? The puppy who looked at him with adoring eyes even as Reyes’ own began to become clouded over with envy and bitterness just stopped caring about him completely during their time apart whereas Reyes’ feelings for Jack only stewed and intensified

like, how is he supposed to kill Jack if he doesn’t even care it’s him doing it??? When did Jack become utterly detached whereas Reaper is the emotionally attached one? It’d be fucked up for him, man

and yeah meanwhile 76 is just gloriously dead inside and struggles to save the lives of innocents when there’s mission-related shit he could be doing