• since Mercy was responsible for Reaper’s condition in canon universe, maybe she was the one who turned him in this AU? She’d obv be one of those low-key vampires, probably one that has been alive so long that she can walk in broad daylight and only feel mild side-effects. She probably only drinks purely for survival, and to no excess. 
  • “Reaper” was the name given to him by the communities he stalks, as opposed to himself. He has a reputation similar to the chupacabra, in which he leaves his victims exsanguinated, and he is described as being very beast-like. ( Because monstery reaper is my shit, ok. )
  • He has taken very well to his curse, and since draining the life of so many he has developed advanced powers. Some examples would be accelerated regeneration and transformation ( as in classic vampire lore, they could turn into a cloud of mist or a group of bats; he can do both ).
  • He has really big dorky looking fangs that sort of give him a lisp and stick out over his lip. He hates them and if you make fun of his lisp, he will most definitely murder you on the spot. 
  • also our characters can be spooky murder-buddies :3c

Mercy would totally be a super ancient vampire. There’s no like, set defined age for a vampire before they reach ‘holy fuck, they can walk in the sun???’ oldness, and with hanging out long enough, I’m sure she’s more than able to control herself. Probably helps that she works in/around areas of battle or destruction, so she’s used to smelling blood and being able to resist it. Dunno if she’d “mentor” Reaper really, or just turn him to save his life and let him go. 

Though oh my goodness… Reaper with a lisp bc of his big fangs. Oh no. Poor baby. I could totally see him being more of the monster-y variety of vampire vs one of the super pretty ones that can easily pass as human– vampirism reacts differently w/ every person, and that’s just what Reaper got stuck with.

The real question is: does he know the nature of what he is, or does he just think that he’s a big bad monster?