today, my dad pulled into the parking lot where i work to pick me up, and my sister who had been at the corner of the store after i told her friends’ parents to drop her off. her friend was with her. my 11 year old sister said, “daddy’s here!” “alright,” i said, getting ready to get off my shift. “daddy?” her friend asked, and cocked an amused brow. “yeah?” my sister said, giving her a weird look. “you call him ‘daddy’? that’s weird. don’t you know what that means?” she asked. “yeah,” my sister said, looking at her like she was stupid. “it’s another word for ‘father.’” being horrified at the possible insinuation her friend had made, i interjected. “you ready to go, girls?”.

for adults that say that DD/lg doesn’t effect or hurt people outside of “the community”: i just witnessed an 11-year old girl acting like it’s common knowledge that the term “daddy” is sexual. that is outside of the community. that is harmful. that is toxic. that is hurtful. and i will never forgive any of you for it, and will always hold you especially accountable for the increased pedophilia in porn and rape culture year by year.