So, I’m going to be moving into my new apartment, soon. But, I’m short on cash. At this moment, I have 80% of the money for my deposit and first month’s payment, but I’ll still be needing to get the rest for my rent, utilities, and for internet instillation.

I’ll be taking on some commissions to make up the difference. I *will* finish the artwork, but I’ll need the funds up front so I have it on move in day. Which, I haven’t gotten yet. Sometime this next week, hopefully. It’s getting me out of an increasingly toxic atmosphere. I need this. Things I wanted to do before will have to wait, I need to get this done.

If you’re interested, just pop me a message via the tumblr IM messenger (and we’ll discuss details via that), or by emailing me at Sneaky.Imps@Gmail.com! If you could, please reblog!

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