These might be all head cannons on my part, but still I have a feeling that Gabriel is not what he seems he is when you put the facts together. I have been thinking about all of this and I really feel like deep inside my fucking soul that Gabriel Mother fucking Reyes is not what he seems. 

BTW if some of you don’t know I’m that person that Did D.Va vs Hana Song Theory too awhile back. So now this is my Gabriel Reyes Theory.

So Let’s list down the facts what we do know about Gabriel.

We all know that Gabriel had something to do with blowing up the Swiss base. 
We know that there had been a rift between him and Jack Morrison after Jacks Promotion as strike commander. 
We know that those two had been best friends for 20+ some years. 
We know that Gabriel is the leader of Blackwatch that helped over throw Overwatch.

Those are the things we know, now I want to tackle the Fannon things people seem to be very fond of setting on Gabe.

Gabriel was brain washed by Talon

This one is the most popular by so far where the fandom declared that Gabriel was brain washed by Talon, that’s why he betrayed Jack. Okay, that’s cool and all but the facts doesn’t add up when you put them together and here are things that seem a little contradictory towards this.

Gabriel officially does not work for any organization.
He has no affiliations.
He is a god damn mercenary.
Compare him to Widowmaker, Gabriel did not go back to Talon after destroying the swiss base and Overwatch. Nope. He did not go back to work for them like Widowmaker did.
The most Gabriel did with Talon is work WITH them, but not FOR them.
So it doesn’t add up that Talon had brainwashed him to dispose Overwatch.

Gabriel was in a jealous rage thats why he blew up Overwatch and tried to kill jack

THATS COOL AND ALL BUT IT DOESN’T ADD UP?!?!?!?!?!?! Like yeah, okay I’d understand he was jealous, i’d understand he wanted the position, I’d understand why he’d try to blow it up with Jack inside, but listen to this below though i’m about to blow all of your minds with this shit.

Jack was to be executed by the people, because they blamed him for the corruption of Overwatch.
So what reason did Gabriel have to kill him then before his execution? If he really wanted Jack dead he could have just waited then. 

Overwatch was going to be disbanded. 

So heres my head cannon as to why Gabe did what he did in the Swiss base and I have been thinking about this a lot. Like tons. I had arguments and sticky notes all over my desktop right now of this shit. 

He did what he did to save Jacks life. 

Yeah you heard me, he did what he did to save Jacks life.

If he really wanted Jack to die he could have just let the people have their way and execute him. So hear me out. 

Blackwatch was the clean up crew for Overwatch, they did what Overwatch couldn’t and that was to get down and dirty.

They were the central intelligence of the whole operation, meaning they knew shit agents of Overwatch probably didn’t even know. 

Gabriel was aware that there were some bad eggs in Overwatch and wanted to sweep them out before the trial against Jack happened.

He found out the corrupt agents in Overwatch, but there wasn’t really anything he could do it was too late to take them in and save Jacks life from the accusations and his execution.

So… He made himself the villain and attacked Overwatch with Blackwatch. 

He made himself look like the traitor they have been searching for to Save Jack. 

He ruined his own name to save Jacks name and promoted him into a martyr.

During the Explosion he took the blunt of the blast to protect Jacks probably unconscious body. 

In process leaving him in the state he was in between life and death.

That’s what I think anyway. I think Mercy must have known or Gabriel must have told her, that’s why she was around to save his life and Jacks life after the incident. Sure the surgery went wrong, but it gave Gabe another chance at life.

What does he do with his second chance? He hunts down those REAL Traitors of Overwatch and bring down justice on them. 

That is my theory, I still have more but I think I put up enough out there. Thanks for the read guys! If you guys wanna talk about this feel free to send me messages and stuff cause i’d love to talk about my theory and ask what you guys think of it!

Till next tim!