sorry but same gender couples kissing or holding hands in public continues to be a radical statement especially because every time we do it we are putting ourselves in danger so excuse me if I don’t want to hear your bullshit homophobic opinion about how much pda upsets you

you know what upsets me? that my wife and i can’t kiss to say goodbye in public or at all but a man can slap his gf’s ass or slobber on her

and that we can’t hold hands without getting looks at the least and harassment at worst, but again straight couples can dry hump on public transit

shut the fuck up

I… I am Demi sexual.

This means a lot.

But might I point out that nothing you mentioned is wrong. I sneezed in Walmart and no one said bless you so this old women looked around then apologized. I said I am an athiest. She then scoffed and walked away. Later I saw her in line and she said if I am here to harass her, she’ll call the police. I had barely noticed her. This is not new, not harassment, not illegal, and not dangerous. Don’t be upset because not everyone accepts us. Be happy that you don’t have to care. Posts like this make me sick. It’s like you WANT it to be a problem, otherwise you would have nothing to post about. I understand telling people to leave you alone, but don’t try to stifle their opinions. You liking the same gender or not is just as much an opinion as them hating you for it.

I have said my peace.
Good day.

“I sneezed in Walmart and no one said bless you”

Man this post just gets worse in the comments