Scale Bound is a dragon-centric guild located on Wyrmrest Accord-US (Alliance). We will be focusing on casual guild roleplay and events, and both old and current PvE content.

We are an LGBT+ friendly community made of players ages 18 and up. If you would like to apply, please follow the link here.

Mini Q&A

  • Does my character have to be a dragon?
    • Yes, as we are dragon-focused and some dragons may not want to be outed to civilians.
  • What if my character is a black dragon/nether drake/etc.?
    • All dragons are welcome under our banner.
  • Does my character have to be 100 already?
    • Absolutely not! All character levels are welcome, and for those starting fresh we will be forming leveling groups for questing and dungeons.
  • What if my character is from another realm?
    • We will gladly work with you via cross-realms!
  • I am new to roleplaying/the game…
    • Whether you are new to the roleplaying scene or the game itself, or even looking for a new home; all skill levels are welcome!

For those who have been asking about the dragon guild, it arrives~!! 😀

beep boop heres the scoop

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