Hey everyone! Ever wanted to rp a tauren in a fun, engaged and heavily plot-driven tribal guild? Ever wanted to be part of a tribal experience or just a tight-knit, inclusive, and friendly heavy rp guild? Well now’s your chance!

The Stormsong Tribe (Wyrmrest Accord), is recruiting! We are an active, social, and heavy tauren tribe. We accept those of every race into our tribe, but tauren are primarily the focal race. At this moment, we are accepting just about everyone into our ranks – but we are currently in desperate need of 2 more officers – primarily ones able to fill the IC roles of Grandwalker (Sunwalker leader) and Archdruid.

These positions of course are subject to trial periods. You will not be appointed officer until the existing officership has deemed you suitable for the task – but we are looking for STRONG-willed, committed, friendly, helpful and above all – altruistic people for this job. Please feel free to message me if you are interested in being an officer.

Regardless of officership or not though, we accept those for simple member positions as well! We’ve our own in-depth lore, as well as traditions and ceremonies! We are an extremely immersive rp guild!

More info can be found on our guild website – thestormsongtribe.enjin.com – as well as our applications, if you are interested in joining us!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me personally or add my btag (just message me for it)!