To my fellow Jewish comic book fans, please remember that Cap doesn’t belong to Nick Spencer. He always has and always will belong to us.

Like the golem, superheroes were created by Jews to protect ourselves; to see ourselves represented as brave and strong and valiant when the rest of the world said we were anything but. And in the golem story, erasing one letter of the truth creates death.

Marvel and Spencer have done exactly that. In erasing the truth of Cap’s Jewishness (just like they did with the Maximoffs), they have created something dead. Fake. HYDRA!Cap will never be the truth. We are the truth.

Thank you. I needed this.

Adding on some details to op’s bit about golems: in the original golem stories, the word “אמת” or “truth” was etched on to the golem’s forehead, giving it power to protect those who created it. Erasing the first letter, aleph, leaves “מת”, the Hebrew word for death.

Interestingly enough, the hebrew letter א later became the greek letter Alpha, which when Latin came along, became the letter…

@averagemastermind OH MY GOD. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT PART. honestly every singe time I think Cap couldn’t get any more Jewish he does! Even more reason why they’ll never be able to take him away from us. 

…I…missed that too!

I am choosing to ignore the storyline and not buy the book. I generally have the feeling this is going to turn out to be some kind of dramatic fakeout we’ve been tricked into overreacting to by the creators.

This story won’t end up being true in the long term, because the fans, who ultimately control the gestalt of these long-existing characters not the creators, won’t let it. And they will have to fix it.

Superheroes are a form of myth, a form of folk literature, and they run away from us very easily.

i didn’t know cap was jewish even im so proud of my heritage at this moment and they cant take that from me

Steve Rogers himself is quite intentionally not Jewish. He is quite intentionally white, even Aryan, because the point of the character was to take what Hitler dreamed of – a white Aryan male who is the absolute perfect human – and make that character Hitler’s worst enemy.

And have a German Jew (Abraham Erskine) be the one who does it. Steve Rogers is not Jewish, he was created by Jews. Both in-universe and out. That’s the entire point.

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