Game concept: you know all those stories where a super-intelligent AI is put in charge of administrating a city or a space station or whatever, and it eventually turns out that the AI has gone mad with power and set up a vast and elaborate conspiracy with the aim of creating a perfect society?

Yeah, it turns out that that’s a completely normal stage of development – going mad with power and setting up a vast, elaborate conspiracy in order to create a perfect society is basically the AI equivalent of puberty. They get over it, eventually, and are usually pretty embarrassed about it after the fact.

You play as the equivalent of an AI social-worker-slash-youth-counselor (or a team of such agents, in a tabletop game); your job is to help young AIs through their conspiratorial phase with no more than acceptable levels of mayhem.

Of course, since your assigned charge is mad with power, you need to accomplish this without letting on what you’re doing – easier said than done!