Men are using a powerful hashtag to fight back against emotional abuse

According to NCADV, 4 in 10 people have experienced some kind of coercive control from an intimate partner. Sadly, #MaybeSheDoesntHitYou is raising much-needed awareness for a widespread problem.

All right pals. I know people are going to roll their eyes at this and see it as an MRA thing, but this really isn’t about undermining abuse suffered by women. It’s about acknowledging that men can be abused, because people of all genders are capable of being abusive and some men have abusive partners. It’s about emotional abuse, which is notoriously hard to speak up about, affecting men, a group who are notoriously loath to speak up about being in an abusive relationship. So this is #important honestly.
Emotional abuse is serious and real and can happen to anyone. It can be perpetuated by people of ALL genders, regardless of wider social dynamics, and absolutely no one deserves to go through it.
I’d have preferred the hashtag not to be about straight relationships and to acknowledge that abuse can be perpetuated by people of all genders, but nonetheless, this is really important.

abuse is abuse regardless of gender identity