Follow Up to “Don’t Buy Steve Rogers #1″ post, but I want to stress:

  1. This can not be a kneejerk reaction.  Marvel seems like they have no interest in backing down.  They are committing to this vulgar storyline.  That means we need to commit to a long campaign.  We need to have plans for the whole summer, including San Diego Comic Con.
  2. Pre-Sales Matter to the Companies the most.  Also, if a store over buys a comic, they are stuck with that non-refundable inventory.  It’s bad for the stores.  CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW.  Cancel before the stores can order issues #2 and #3.
  3. We have to go after Disney.  If this affects Disney’s box office or merchandise sales they will step in.  Don’t buy merch.  Don’t buy the Captain America: Civil War Blue-Ray/Digital.  Support the Dr. Strange Boycott.  Get Disney’s attention.
  4. Please do not threaten the live’s authors/publishers.  Yes, they are giant assholes for greenlighting this disgusting shock value scam. Unfortunately, the easiest way for Disney/Marvel to dismiss you is for them to think you’re “one of those crazy people from the Internet.”