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The best/worst part of Reaper is I don’t think…

i think him and soldier 76 were deliberate design choices to reel in the dudebro fps players

This is 100% a possibility and a good observation, but the thing everyone needs to understand about Blizzard is Chris Metzen:

Chris Metzen is my handsome out of touch salt and pepper dad who is definitely not Bono without sunglasses. Chris Metzen’s life is better than everyone else’s because he writes things that he 100% believes are the coolest. Here is Chris Metzen’s OC Thrall:

He was made by chris metzen, the book that introduced him was written by chris metzen, and the game where he made his debut he was voiced by chris metzen. He is chris metzen’s beautiful green boy. Chris Metzen loves him so much that he has made sure Thrall has gone from a scrappy underdog to the most important character in the world (of warcraft) much to everyone’s dismay. Chris Metzen was legitimately upset when people called him a “mary sue” and to trust him. Thrall would get better. (He didn’t but Chris Metzen thinks he did.).

Enter Soldier 76:

Chris Metzen’s OC Soldier 76 is nearly 20 years old. He’s wanted to do something with this guy for about 20 years now! I’ve heard that he wanted to voice him too which is probably why his current voice sounds like a voice Chris Metzen would do. They didn’t put him in to appeal to Call of Duty bros. They put him in because Chris Metzen is Blizzard and Chris Metzen probably thinks Soldier 76 is just the coolest guy in their comicbook super hero world he’s wanted to make for 2 decades.

and that’s beautiful.

10/10 Metzin inserting his ocs into these games.

Hah, me and @biteythevillain were just talking about this! I think it’s so adorable and I love Chris Metzen’s face all the more for this.

People can whine about Metzen all they want but at the end of the day he’s just an excited kid playing with his OCs and that’s something we can all relate to.  If you had the power and resources to make your OCs canon (main characters even!), you would do it too!

I aspire to be like Chris Metzen one day, he has the coolest job in the world.

NGL I would so make Eupraxia cannon.
Nanana not so much.


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