remember when u used to go over to ur friends house and youd go down to the ‘computer room’ to the dads old shitty desktop computer and sit on the giant black leather computer chair and ur friend would show u charlie the unicorn and epic rap battles of history type stuff on youtube while thier younger siblings bugged you for a turn to use the computer

shoutout to all those folks who were about to identify with this post and then suddenly felt super old

shoutout to the computer room dwellers glued to pre-internet computers

shoutout to misspent youth wasted on Zork and Kings Quest and Commander Keen

shoutout to that friend with Wolfenstein and Leisure Suit Larry

shoutout to coupler modems and MUDs and usenet

shoutout to beige computers and particle board “computer desks” and 3.5 floppies and 5.25 floppies and color monitors

shoutout to the dawn of the information age, which you spent mostly just playing Lemmings or shouting down the hallway “DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE!”