There’s been a lot of posts going around lately about Paypal and their policy on fees, and I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting you move to invoices. What you might not realise unless you have a closer look at these payments once you receive them, is that Paypal is expecting you to ship an item. This remains the same regardless of whether you use the default form, the ‘services’ form and charge by the hour, and whether you put 0.00 in the postage section.

After a call to customer service this morning, I have confirmed there is actually no option on invoices for a seller to indicate that postage is not required if you are invoicing from the main paypal website (ie. you don’t do paypal checkout through your website, there may be a work around if you have a purchase button on your website, which isn’t entirely practical for commissions as prices can often vary and most do payments through the site directly). This means that if you don’t provide shipping / tracking information on that payment, Paypal may freeze the funds and/or your account.

Apparently the way to avoid this is to include in the notes section of the invoice that the invoice is for goods and services, and that no shipping is required. 

They also said that the buyer should indicate in the notes when they pay that they have received the goods/service, however this is going to cause issues with commissions as most are either paid upfront or partway through. 

If anyone has any further solution to this, reblog and or message me, but otherwise this has been a PSA about Paypal invoicing. Seller beware. 

Guys the struggle is real and I am learning this now.  Make sure you write that your goods are digital in your invoices so your account does not freeze.

The way I manage my invoices isn’t just to specify under the note,

But also to choose this option when the payment has been sent and the commission has been completed 

So it can be counted as complete.

Seriously guys spread this, we all know invoices are safer but honestly I didn’t know about this really important step. This needs more notes