Look at these gross ass, unfinished sketches!  Who wants to help me turn them into WORKS OF ART?!

I got a few folks who missed out on the last Your Character Here: Magic Edition!  So I’m going for round two!  Three slots available, just like last time, first come first serve, good luck folks!

1. Fully Colored, neat magic shit, yeah! $25.00

2. Fully Colored, neat magic shit, yeah! $25.00

3. Fully Colored, neat magic shit, yeah! $25.00

Disclaimer: Once again, I’ll be doing mostly what I feel like I can do clothes wise, but do not at all mind if you want to throw color schemes or ideas at me!  Turn out should be before the end of the week for all three pieces, assuming they get taken tonight!  Pretty quick unless something major happens!

Thank you guys so much for taking a peek!