what I really appreciate about Overwatch is that all of the lore is accessible to everyone, with or without the game.

not a gamer? hate multiplayer shooters? can’t afford the game?

doesn’t matter.

if you are interested in the characters or the story but can’t / don’t play the game, consider this is your invitation to join the fandom.

here is the official trailer from Blizzard. here are all the character profiles. here are all the animated shorts. h e r e are all the free comics in PDF form. and here is a neat little summary of everything, including the plot and characters.

Overwatch has a rich setting and amazingly well-developed characters. I highly highly recommend it to anyone interested. 

You don’t even need the plot when you play the game. Like it’s flavor for the game really. So you can totally be a fan of the Overwatch Story and never play the game at all and not miss anything.