@balnazzar just looked it up, Ariok is definitely his son

Ariok’s page says he’s still alive for some reason tho, idk why, I saw him fucking explode but ok

I’m not sure what you’re talking about he’s right here:

omg he’s HUGE

It’s cuz I was raiding yesterday and when we were killing Kilrogg, Ariok was in the back chained up and then suddenly he just fucking EXPLODES and blood sprouts everywhere and all that’s left of him is a skeleton

I guess it’s like a timer thing then? Sorta like in MoP where if u don’t kill the mobs fast enough they kill Ji and Aysa I guess. It was my first time doing that raid so I have no idea

Yeah there’s an achievement: A Race Against Slime, you basically have 5 min, 15 seconds to kill Kilrogg Deadeye on normal difficulty or higher before the damage Ariok takes kills him. If you do that you get him as a follower.