Offering 2-person full paints for 115$. This is way less than usual price.

I need reptile supplies and to desperately see the dentist before my front tooth falls apart. I was looking tonight and it’s so bad.. Like… Freaking me out bad. I don’t have dental coverage but the dentist lets me work with payment plans. Still paying for the teeth he ripped out, tho (300$) so I need to get that paid before he sees me again.

Taking on three slots.

Porn fine. Porn encouraged. Get your bang for your buck.

Another example of a 2-toon full paint: your toon punching a dragon in the face.

Endless options. You flying on your pet gecko reimagined as a giant dragon mount? Cool. I love monsters also. These are full paints/high res. Don’t forget to request your full-res file for print!

Please help me out. I need a little break atm financially.

Going to bed now but will respond in the morn to emails.