cool tip for befriending cool people: realise they’re actually just giant nerds like you. just talk to them like a normal person, not as a fan of the things they do.

like. the worst thing you can do imo is putting people on a pedestal because like? they’re just normal ppl? they didn’t ask to be put on a pedestal or treated any differently.

i’m guilty of this too!!! i used to do this so much!!! but then somewhere like early/mid last year i realised it was a kinda shitty thing to do. like. i still struggle with this but. it’s good to remind yourself they’re just people, just like you. most of them don’t want to be seen as a Cool Elite Person because like. they’re just people dicking around on the internet.

and seeing them as more than that already creates this weird imbalance in a possible friendship. you gotta treat others as equals in order to have a healthy relationship of any kind, and friendships are no different.

Thank you.