the biggest issue with the Ace Discourse™ is that it’s this repetitive cycle of all the same people demanding in-depth accounts of oppression that asexuals have faced, preferably work cited so they can’t claim it’s made up, only for them to then discount every single thing as “misogyny” or “displaced homophobia” so they can tell the victim exactly how the assault or the oppression that they suffered doesn’t really matter.

they then go on to demand historical evidence that asexuals existed within the realm of the lgbta+ community before this decade, but when provided with that evidence, they immediately discount that as well because terms like asexual weren’t actually well-known or documented back then and we simply were lumped under broader umbrellas, along with bi and pansexuals. which they can conveniently claim means we weren’t there, or even that we didn’t exist, and asexuality is a made up sexual orientation that “special snowflakes” use to try to invade lgbta+ spaces.

so either way, we never win, and it just keeps going.

“prove it.” *proves it* “nope i don’t believe you, that must be wrong.”

lather, rinse, repeat.

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