Initial Meeting: Hi, how are you doing today? Here is some cordial and mundane conversation! Also, some very uninteresting (but safe) facts about me that make no difference and tell you nothing about my real personality. It was lovely to have met you! I hope we speak again soon!
Acquaintances: Hey, how’s it going? I saw this funny thing on Tumblr that is mildly inappropriate, but I think I’ll share it with you to see how you react to my weirdness. If you react badly, I’ll play it off like I was making fun of it the whole time. Here is one mildly interesting fact about me that is slightly personal, but still not really relevant. Hope your day was awesome!
Actual Friendship: What’s up, fuckface? Here’s some bullshit inside joke between us. Hey, I saw this thing with my weird ass kink that you now totally know about. I expect you make fun of me immediately. Also, here’s some weirdly neurotic ramble about something because I have no shame now. Let’s laugh nastily about our mutual hatred for this other thing and act like superior assholes. Here’s something immature and dirty, also. Loser. I hate you. <3