Took me long to write this post, but it’s here now.

For a limited time, I’m offering headshots for World of Warcraft gold!
Examples here and here in case you are unfamiliar with my headshots!

The price for one headshot is 30 000 gold. You can offer more than one headshot, but I will not be offering discounts this time! For this price you will get a flat colored headshot of your character. The character does not need to be a WoW character – I’m ok with drawing fully original characters also! I will not be drawing canon characters or npcs, or real life people. Only ocs/player characters.

You need to be on EU realms for this to work. I can accept payments on Argent Dawn-EU (both sides, Horde preferred); Doomhammer/Turalyon-EU (both sides, Horde preferred) and Tarren Mill-EU (Alliance side only)

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail! My address is and if you contact me via other means I will just tell you to e-mail me. Within your e-mail please include the following info:
– Character references (picture references only, won’t work from text)
– Realm you are paying from
– Character you are sending the payment from

I will reply you with charater you can send the payment to via in-game mail, and once I’ve received the payment, I will add you to my work queue.

If you are from any other realm than the ones mentioned above, fear not; if you are purchasing more than 3 headshots, I can create an alt for any realm of your choice. Feel free to pool your gold with your friends for this!

I cannot accept gold from NA or any other region. This is for EU only!

Thank you for reading this far. Please also see my general commission info here for more info about my work methods and to see my commission ToS and to find a link to my public work queue.

If you are interested in non-gold commissions – those will open “soon™” so this is not your only chance to commission me!

– Sir Meo // // meocraft // meoproject

Signal boosts appreciated if you know people on EU realms who might be interested in this!