Russian roads, only 30 sec

What’s with Russia and dashcams?

to have car insurance in russia, dashcams are required because russians are terrible drivers

did you really need to ask what’s up with dashcams in Russia after watching this video

Cringes as Van hits silver car.

Cringes again as Van tries to continue forward and pushes silver car forward.

Cringes yet again when Van backs up quickly and disappears off the screen.

Cringes freaking again when red car cuts off the car with the dashcam.

Cringes and feel my bloody heart go into my throat when a FREAKING BUS smashes into a car on other side of the intersection.

As a bus driver there wasn’t one freaking thing in this video that didn’t make me cringe with horror. I am never going to Russia and driving. I would have a heart attack and die. Seriously what the heck?!?!?!?! *wraps self in blanket and whimpers*

So there’s another view of that video, and that van, causes like TWO MORE accidents in it:

Oh also: the driver stole that van as revenge because he was fired.