Happy Children’s Week 2016!  So many May flowers this year! uvu

The great thing about magical crawdads is they are magical, which of course means they know how to work an azerothian polaroid camera. The real question is: was it Snips or Salandria who added all the glitter and stickers? 

The photo of Leon lifting up Salandria is in reference to last year’s Chidlren’s Week comic. :>   As always, Sig and Leon’s original adventures with Salandria are here

Over the last several weeks I’ve been struggling with a lot of irl issues that unfortunately made it really difficult for me to focus on art. I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to draw anything for Children’s Week this year and I was super bummed, but thankfully I figured out some stuff and I’m feeling a lot better.  This is the first new thing I’ve drawn and colored in all that time, and I think that’s why I went with flowers – all those “April showers” over me but finally things are looking bright again.