Bit of background, I’m a city bus driver, route I was on runs every 15 minutes or so at the time this story takes place.

I pull up to my last stop before turning around, I see a teenage girl running, I wait, there are another three teens behind her, but they’re just strolling, and seem to have no interest in getting on. So I close my doors, but then they start waving at mecto stop, I open again, still no damn hustle, just strolling. When they get to the doors, I motion them to enter, quickly shut my doors and go. School is about to let out, I have zero time to spare.

As I’m making my turn, the one guy in the group puts his fare in and asks for a transfer. I tell him to just wait until I’m finished turning. He says “yo, just gimme a transfer!”

Excuse me? I let him know exactly what I think of his “gimme”, before I finally give him his transfer. As he’s walking away, he calls me a little bitch under his breath.

Park the bus, hit the four ways, tell him he can apologize or go for a walk. “ Yo, I’m not apologizing all I said was I want a transfer”. I tell him I heard what he said, and ask him if he’s gonna repeat it and own up to it, he does not. Whatever, just some dumb kid. Move on.

Next week, I pull up to the same stop a couple minutes early, see him walking to the bus. He sees me, starts running. I give him a little wave and drive away.

Next week, I think, okay, enough is enough, he’s learned his lesson, I almost feel bad about last time. I kill some time so I won’t be too early, pull up to the same stop, same kid, still late, except this time when he sees me he gives me the finger. Congratulations, you played yourself. I just smile, shake my head, and drive away.