Apparently since my first goofy explanation of the
really super fabulously questionable men’s fashion underwear magazine
that Felo’thore subscribes brazenly to, Hunky Knights has become an
underground guild canon. So in order to encourage others who wish to get
creative with the idea, make art for fun, or include it in their WoW
Roleplay, here is my headcanon for this magazine that has become “a



Publisher: Amethyst Media Inc.
Years in Publication: 927
Production Schedule: Quarterly
32 Pages, Full Color Gloss,
Quantity: 120,000

Frequently featured Fashion Designers & Specialty:

Dominique Stefano: lace / contemporary
Keelen Sheets: retro / classic
Georgio Bolero: over-the-top / flamboyant
Me’lynn: intricate embellishment / sheer
Daryl Stack: gothic/ embroidery
Magar: furs / leather & studs

What is it?

It is a male fashion underwear magazine so models
who identify male are featured. (somewhere in the publisher’s line of
products, I imagine there are similar publications for other gender
identities). But the original Hunky Knights -is- a male-identified pin
up magazine.

2] While the title is “Hunky”- any body type can
rock these undies and look fabulous! It is first and foremost a body
positive magazine. The designers work hard to create amazing fashions
that will make anyone look gorgeous in a glamour shot.

3] All
models must wear helms to cover their true identity and have a totally
inconspicuous model alias. Not even the designers know their model’s
true identity.

4] All models are featuring underwear. How much it covers and what said underwear is suited for is entirely up to the designer!

5] Some glamour shots are more questionable than others. 10 times out of 10, every shot is blush worthy.

6] Not limited to class, faction, or race.


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