I love the phrase “what the entire fuck” because it implies that there exists some scenario that warrants only a “what the partial fuck”.

Similarly “what the actual fuck,” implying “what the figurative fuck” or “what the imaginary fuck”.

“What the actual fuck” is an interesting one because “actual” has so many distinct shades of meaning.

“Entire” generally means “whole” or “complete”, but depending on the particular context, “actual” can denote any or all of “real”, “literal”, “concrete”, “truthful”, “grounded” or “factual”.

Thus, when deriving the contrastive phrase, in addition to “what the imaginary fuck” and “what the figurative fuck”, we could also reasonably arrive at “what the hypothetical fuck”, “what the fraudulent fuck”, “what the fanciful fuck” or “what the counterfactual fuck”.

Language is fun!

@blackmelange Feeling the need for a little variety.

Ooh, what about “what the everloving fuck”? “Everloving” could mean “faithful” or “devoted”, so that implies “what the faithless fuck” or “what the indifferent fuck”.