I picked up a worm, and it wrote something in my hand with a tiny pencil. Unfortunately it was too small to read. An autograph? A spell? An angry note?


I’ve decided to line up with their writing and whatever they wrote appear to be…. phallic.

I don’t how to break the news with you, but, I think that worm drew a penis on your hand…. Congratulation?

Ooh! Thank you for this valuable contribution to the field of worm linguistics and/or art. It is still unclear to me if it’s meant as a rude message to me, if it’s just putting its tag there, or something else. Further research is needed!

I think the idea of it being a penis is anthropomorphism. I mean, the worm doesn’t have a penis itself, nor proper eyes with which to see one. No, I’m afraid this is something far more interesting: a self-portrait. You have been touched by an aesthetic annelid, and now your life will never be the same.

Now I will forever try to communicate with all the worms I find, but I worry that I’ll never meet this one again.

This is beautiful. top notch quality content