HELLO, everyone! After a nice, long, restful sleep, Glittergos and

Snugglestrasza have returned, to pick up our mission right where we left off – to continue spreading our message of peace, sparkles, positivity and love!

We hope to be welcomed back to the community with open arms – even Pink Dragons can get discouraged, after all! That being said, we have decided to once again open up our ask and submit boxes to flood Tumblr and our Warcraft community with kind words for our fellow players!

It’s been a while, so here is a reminder of who we are and what we do!

We are Glittergos and Snugglestrasza, the last (as far as we know) of the Pink Dragonflight!

Our mission in life? To combat negativity with positivity, battle cruelty with kindness and bring a little bit of sparkles and a lot of joy to everyone we possibly can. It might not be much, but sometimes, even just a kind word can be enough to off-set a bad day – that’s what we’re here for.

If one of your friends is having a rough go? Let us know! We’ll post your message to brighten up their world a bit – either anonymously or on your behalf! Someone do something exceptionally kind for you? We would love to hear about it, we’ll post it up, because all too often, good deeds go unnoticed.

Please specify if you would like to remain anonymous! This will help us greatly in relaying your good wishes in the manner that you prefer.

Have a suggestion as to how we can spread more joy? Lay it on us!

Ask/Submit is always on, anon is on as well! Upon request, we will answer privately, of course.

There we go! And, to celebrate our return and to start things off with a bang, we are holding a GIVEAWAY! You need not be following us to enter, but we appreciate every single one of you who do! You need not reblog this to enter, but we do so hope that you spread the word and in so doing, spread the joy! All you have to do is hop over to this handy dandy Google form and answer two quick questions~! (Small print: Tumblr is not responsible in any way, shape or form for this giveaway and should not be held accountable.)

This giveaway is open to anyone on any US Server (sorry EU!). Winners will be chosen at random on April 30th!

What are we giving away?

There will be 3 prizes, this time! 

Prize Number 1: 30 days of Warcraft game time!

Prize Number 2: Any mount from the Wow store!

Prize Number 3: Any pet from the Wow store!

Good luck, everyone – and let’s get those asks going and spread some positivity and sparkles~!