Call out culture is the most toxic thing on this website. Most of it is widespread misinformation and severe exaggeration. And the worst part is that most people just hop on the bandwagon and go on to believe it. We’re all young here and at a point in our lives where we are growing and understanding the world for what it is. If you constantly tell someone they’re a terrible person based on “facts” that are not even close to the truth, what does that do to their mental health? Most importantly, what type of person does that make you?

coming from a blog who has stolen information, art, and posts; said transphobic and hurtful things in the past; and when called out for it has gotten their followers to run people off of tumblr and never apologized for any of it

– yeah i can see why you dislike call out culture on tumblr huh?

also sixpenceee ur not young ur an adult who loves to exploit disabled people for shock value

it’s funty that they are talking about beign concerned for ppls mental health when they’ve posted like….40000000000000000 “creepy crazy psycho person murdered children in an asylum o___0” stories lmfao.