the fallout universe but culturally locked in the 1990s instead of the 1950s

skateboarding, ska, Backstreet Boys

IIIiiit’S BEEN (Deathclaw bursts through a wall)

Vault 182

I’m always amused at how people’s memories of the ‘90s are really mainly just 1998 and 1999.

Because there’s the whole rest of the decade, and if Fallout were locked in the 1990s, there’s always the chance that you’ll get ganked by some bandit, and as life bleeds from your body, you hear their annoyingly nasal voice call out, “Did I do thaaaaaat?”

I want a Fallout game that looks like what early 90s YA television thought the apocalypse would look like. All surly teenagers with names like Glitch and Fractal and KC, decked out in tattered hip-hop finery and hanging around in derelict industrial parks. Everybody speaks an awkward blend of Canadian counterculture slang and made-up techno-jargon that makes it sound like they grew up reading too many William Gibson novels. Probably their leader is a “hacker”, because the show’s writers heard that Kids These Days think hacking is cool, but said writers are all over forty and have never used a computer in their lives, so in practice he just has vaguely defined space-wizard powers.

“Listen here Holmes. When you run with Daynger and The Syber Kids, you gotta be feathers in the wind. Hack, crack, snack, attack. No time to waste on the drizzle. You keep your scoops close to the chest and stymie ol Cap’n Crunch til Chromeworld comes knocking. So what’s it gonna be? Are you a bad enough dude to swoop the sandline, or are you a scaredy little Finster? If the glove fits, freestyle.”