“Pardon me for saying outright, but you appear to be the death knight type. Would you be willing to spare a few moments to answer a few questions for research purposes?

Yes, yes. It’s our understanding that death knights typically are more resistant to the effects of intoxication and, how shall I say this, narcotic substances. Your answers are strictly confidential of course – that means, we won’t reveal your name – but we’d like to know about your imbibing habits when alive, if you’ve tried to continue those habits during undeath, and what – if any – effect that’s had on you.

You’ll help? That’s absolutely wonderful. I promise it’s just a short set of questions, although if you’re willing to disclose further information in a private interview, I can set up a time for you. Thank you so much!”


OOC Info:

You may have seen us patrolling the streets of Stormwind, and it’s true: we really are conducting research on death knights and their relationship to intoxicating substances. We have ICly made copies and distributed them everywhere; one of our own death knights volunteered to leave questionnaires and a collection box in Acherus. If you have a death knight character – Alliance or Horde – and would like to participate, it’s as easy as clicking on this Google Survey link:



And for those who would be interested in setting up some RP, or digging out that old DK alt you’ve shelved, Miss Viletta Grauenvoll [ @summoning-circle ] – who designed the questionnaire – will be conducting interviews and examinations of those death knights wishing to add further contributions to this project.

Thank you for your time, and please feel free to pass this along to those interested!

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