Step 01: The Return to Light’s Hope – Name changed from “Step 01: The Ebon Blade Returns” to “Step 01: The Return to Light’s Hope”.

Step 02: Preparations – Name changed from “Step 02: Prepare for Invasion” to “Step 02: Preparations”.

Step 03: Upon the Hill of No Return – Name changed from “Step 03: Begin the Invasion” to “Step 03: Upon the Hill of No Return”.

Step 04: The Dead Shall Rise – Name changed from “Step 04: Raise the Tomb” to “Step 04: The Dead Shall Rise”.

Step 05: The Highlord Awaits – Name changed from “Step 05: Meet With Mograine” to “Step 05: The Highlord Awaits”.

Step 06: The Sanctum of Light (New) – Fight your way to the Hall of Champions.

Step 07: Lady of the Light (New) – Defeat Lady Liadrin.

Step 08: An Unholy Fate (New) – Open the Tomb of Tirion Fordring.

Hahah, next expac Tev gets to punch Liadrin. idk why we’d do that to raise Tirion tho.


For reals though why is the Ebon Blade suddenly turning on the Argent Crusade after all this time?  Is it about the Ashen Verdict? Are we not friends anymore?  THERE IS LITERALLY NO REASON TO RAISE TIRION LOL

TBH I vote to the Ebon Blade become the next raid dungeon just so we can end them ))