♥ It’s a BACK-TO-SCHOOL commission event! ♥

For the first time in two years, I’m heading back to college and trying a different approach to my future art career! I just need to make sure I can keep up with the loans I have now– I have a few months until my classes begin, and a whole lotta time to draw!

Because I want to produce cute and fast commissions, I’m mainly only offering two style choices I find myself most comfortable with. But anyone is more than welcome to look through my blog and inquire about a style/theme they’re really interested in obtaining for themselves.


  • Chibis = $20 USD
  • + 1 = $14 USD each
  • Busts = $25 USD

Email me at lzugeldergraphics@gmail.com with an inquiry and references! Or you can send me an ask if you have any questions beforehand. Thank you for looking and boosting!