Imagine. You got a friend named Jimmy. He’s a cool Pandaren kid. Funny. Smart. He’s your best friend in the world. You’ve known each other your whole life.

Then the Alliance and the Horde show up. At first you and Jimmy are like, well this is weird, but then after observing sometime, you’re like “Man, Horde’s pretty cool. You got spikes, orcs… I’m gonna join them.”

Meanwhile Jimmy’s thinking about joining the Alliance.

And then it happens. And the next time you see Jimmy, you suddenly have no fucking idea what he’s saying even though you’ve known each other for years and used to tell each other everything, but every time he opens his mouth now only gibberish comes out.

And he’s in some guild called [Varian’s BFFs] and you’re just like who the fuck is Varian man wtf is going on