Okay, well. After a lot of thinking I caved in and made a “flying mount” for Roteye. Well, this is just the first concept.

Technically his winged transport is Vitaristrasza, the red wyrm, but she’s his friend and isn’t always around, and at this point he actually needs someone with wings more and more often.

Which leads to me deciding that it’s going to be a frost wyrm. I have yet to develop him and his story, but basically he suffers from great memory loss and was found somewhere in Northrend, free from the Lich King’s control, but badly damaged, with many of his bones missing and fractured beyond any repair. Instead of replacing parts of his skeleton with new bones, he was given ones made of saronite, as well as armor that’s part of his body now. For reasons I’m still thinking of, he sticks with the death knight that promised to help him. The undead dragon didn’t remember his own name, so he was given a new one – Nephiron.

Basically he’s very chill, but prefers to stay away from everyone due to his own issues he’s still working on. He’s also literally a flying tank lol.