Literally the same way you befriend anyone else. Talk to them, see if your interests and personalities match up. 

There’s no top secret artist’s lair inside a volcano we all hang out in and talk about how great we all are. 

There should be, but there isn’t. 

Don’t tell people about our volcanic lair

How most people ‘befriend’ artists 

– hey this is my OC have you seen it???? it’d be really cool to see it in your style, i mean i know you’re busy, i also hardly know you and stuff but i just want to put that out there

– you should draw _____

– have you ever drawn _____?? you should. 

//after talking for a few hours or even a day// so i was wondering if you could draw my character XDDDD YOU DONT HAEV TO BUT IT WOULD BE AWESOME LOL >_<;;;; 

– i know i’m a nobody to you and my art sucks but can we do an art trade?