figured i’ll make a proper post for this, so here goes. i hate to resort to this method, but i put my cat’s life far above my own pride.

hello! my name is ivan and i’m a disabled homesteader in my late 20′s. as such, i’m on disability benefit and i don’t have a lot of money to spare. i have two cats and six chickens and i put their well being over my own. 

i DO have a savings account in case of animal emergencies, but when the vet bill is payed i will literally have no money for rent, bills and food this month. I can postpone my rent and possibly some bills, but i still need to pay for it within two weeks.

this morning i noticed my cat siobhan seemed really unwell. 


(this is her!)


(and this is her at the vet tonight)

she had been sleeping for almost 24 hours, and i noticed she hadn’t been eating (or drinking) either. she seemed to be in a lot of pain, very lethargic and sickly, her belly was swollen and hurt when i touched it. usually she’s a super energetic cat with the biggest personality ever (anyone who’s met her can testify, she loves EVERYONE and will get up on her hind legs to headbutt you and lick your fingers)

i called the vet, and I got an emergency appointment. 

thankfully, there seemed to be nothing serious going on and looked a lot worse than it was. she got her blood tests taken as well as x-rays, and nothing showed up abnormal aside from her intestines being full of fecal matter and she was dehydrated. aka she’s really constipated, which is most likely what caused the pain.

she has to stay overnight to get medication for the pain, fever as well as laxative and IV fluid.

this is going to cost me a total of 7000-8000 SEK (about 1000 dollars)
i live in the countryside, and since i don’t have a car or anyone to drive me right now, the taxi trips back and forth will cost me about 1600 SEK. (about 200 dollars)

the vet was positive she was going to be okay once she gets to poop, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed. if anything happens, i’ll update the post. i will also update with a picture when i get the receipt from the vet.

my paypal is

every little bit helps, and if you can’t donate please reblog this post and keep her in your thoughts. she and her brother are my two best furry friends and they mean the world to me.

UPDATE: we’re home!

she has pooped and peed and her fever is down and she’s getting groomed by guinness and seems better. the vet couldn’t figure out what caused the fever or the constipation, so it’s still a mystery.

he did however catch some anomaly on one of her kidneys on accident from the stomach x-rays, but it’s nothing super urgent and i will go back to the vet for an ultrasound in a few weeks. this is thankfully something the vet caught early before she’s showing symptoms of it, and he was positive it could be treated with special diet. 

this is something that is going to cost me around 2000 SEK when the day comes, but that’s for another day. I just wanted to mention that as well.

this is the receipt from the vet. (bigger pic here)

and this is the medicine she got.

these are the taxi receipts. (bigger pic here)

for those asking why i didn’t take a bus or someone to drive me – the buses go very infrequently and i had to be there at a very short notice since she literally got sick overnight. my parents are on vacation and i don’t know anyone nearby who can drive me. i have a moped, which is not a suitable option for taking a cat carrier. taxi was the only option i had.

the total cost are as following:
8449 + 185 + 463 + 367 + 403 + 472 = 10339 SEK

so far i have raised a total of 1735 SEK which means i still need 8604 SEK to go

again, my paypal is

every little bit helps ♥!