So lore bombs are being dropped on Reddit:

It’s too late. Azeroth will never wake up. He was the Titan’s last hope.

…But a bit of his spirit dwells within every hero of Azeroth, every mage who picked up a wand, every warrior who took up a blade, every champion from any world who took root in Azeroth and decided to defend it as their home.

We mortals are all that stands between the Light and oblivion, but so long as this world is our home we’re lit from within by the heroic spirit of a dormant Titan.

Ahahaha he changed his mind:

EDIT: Wow, this blew up! I was just adding some color to the chronicle, not adding any lore with that comment. It’s a reddit post, not canon. 🙂 The Chronicle is meant to be interpreted and enjoyed as you will!

You know, I look at this after a nap, and this would have been a pretty neat premise, if he had dropped the first two sentences.