aromantics and asexuals belong in LGBT+ no matter what the fuck they are besides that

and before someone says that i don’t have a right to be speaking i’m not straight or cis so back the fuck off

literally back when it was LGBTQIA, the “A” was for ace/aro. would you seriously rather it be for “allies” than people who face actual struggles for their identity?

okay aros and aces may not have the stereotypical f*ggot slur thrown at them unless they’re sga but like? some parents will go as far to literally bully their children for not wanting to reproduce or have sex?? and aromantics who experience sexual attraction will probably be called many derogatory words for the fact that they sleep with people but don’t settle into a romantic relationships?

maybe for you that’s not “bad enough” to be considered needing an outlet like the LGBT+ community but i’m sure the people involved would disagree.

maybe we should stop gatekeeping a fucking community from people who actually need it and go back to minding our own business and giving support to those who ask.