Redesign of my fiance’s Character Basulan who he’s been bugging me to re do for friggin months. I’ve always been rather fond of the concept. Here’s a link to the original design just to see how much he’s changed —> http://mahanjaro.tumblr.com/image/124532670471

Basulan is also part of Occult Compendium, complete with his own tale and world to explore that me and my fiance have worked on together. He’s of a race called Kanjiva. A race of warriors who store their most precious memories inside their weapons and reincarnate upon death. If they happen to be killed they may reclaim the memories they have lost during the reincarnation process. Basulan is a kanjiva with no family and an important task he cannot remember as the weapon that held the memory was stolen from him. So yeah here’s Basulan : 3 , fluffy cat bara XD Can’t wait to draw him and his lady friend Ulurra together at some point.