MS5 and CSP (the digital download version) are on sale again for $20!

This is the main program I use, and I can’t recommend it enough (for both beginners and advanced artists). It’s as amazing and customizable as photoshop, and has brush stabilizers and excellent blenders and paint brushes right out the box like Sai. I highly recommend snagging it, even if you just use it for line art (that’s what I originally did!)

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So this is actually really good, because Im probably gonna buy it. But I need to get a new tablet, any suggestions? Preferably in the $50 – $100 range. 

There are a ton of amazing tablets out there within that price range!

I recommend Wacom tablets because their customer service and driver support have always been on point for me. A good starter is the ~ Intuos Draw ~ (formerly known as the Wacom Bamboo). You can purchase just the tablet and pen set for $69 and it works just as well as my Intuos Pro. I had my old bamboo tablet in working order for damn near 5 years.

If you decide to go with another brand don’t forget to do research on the tablets! Always check compatibility with your program (some tablets don’t play nice with Sai, or some free programs), availability of drivers and support (some companies stop supporting tablets after 2 years, or don’t update drivers when new tablets are released), and check what general maintenance is like (IE: How much are pen nibs and how often do you need to change them. Do the pens or cords break or fray easily. etc).

Hope that helps!