World of Warcraft or Wildstar characters

Single character – line art with flat colors


Small Portrait (Head/Shoulders/Maybe an arm): $40

Big Portrait (Waist Up): $60

Full Body: $80

Costuming/armor will affect the price!


To reserve a slot, email me – HKLuterman AT gmail DOT com

Include picture reference (the more the better!) and a brief description of your character / what they should be doing.

Payment must be made up front via Paypal.

Tasteful nudes / pinups are A-OK.

I can draw any race from these games, I just get commissioned to draw a lot of aurin. 😉 Send me your mordesh/night elves/chua/gnomes! I love ‘em!

You get a high-res file for your own personal enjoyment. Woohoo!


5 slots:

1. Zynrell – full body

2. Ryska – full body

3. Azatheralon – big portrait

4.  reserved?


oldgodfanclub – big portrait

Slot reservations are closed at the moment. Thanks guys!