Oh god.
Well for Thordemar it’s hands-down
Fel-Chipotle. It’s like the spiciest most garbage burritos you could
imagine. Just imagine taco-bell, the hellfire version. Thor friggin
prides himself on being able to handle stupid spicy food.

has a very sensitive stomach and if he ate like Thor did, he would
experience the equivalent to a lawnmower going through his intestines.
That said, he will POUND DOWN sweets if left unsupervised. if it tastes
like chocolate and peanut butter, it will disappear.

Thanks @lychgate for the ask! I might need to design this Fel-Chipotle thing. lol.

u know whenever you feel like it or even want to i think the world would love to see thordemar blowing steam out his ears as he devours food stuffed with some sort of fel scorpion pepper

Fel scorpions and sha-peppers. Fuck yes.
@lychgate THERE YOU GO. Thor eating his favorite TRASHY food.

one of science’s great mysteries solved. Elves have giant long ears to help vent out Chipotle heat.